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Privacy policy Urbschat-Tools GmbH

Scope of agreement
This data privacy statement shall inform the user of this website under the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and telemedia law about the type, the extent and the purpose of the collection and use of personal information through the owner of this website:


Urbschat-Tools GmbH
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We would like to inform you with this statement of data protection, what kind of information is being gathered and how the data is being used during your visit of our website. To us, the protection of your personal data is an important and a serious task. Therefore survey, retention, processing or exchange of our customers data is always in agreement under current data protections and remaining provisions.

Access data
1. The following data is being temporarily saved („server-logfiles“) to our web servers when accessing our website:

  • IP-address of the requesting device (or of a proxy server);
  • date and time of the access;
  • the type of browser used by the requesting device;
  • the preferred access method/function by the requesting device;
  • the transmitted input (e.g the target file) by the requesting device;
  • status of access of the web server (e.g. transmission of file, file not found, command not executed);
  • name of the requested file;
  • URL (uniform resource locator), from which the file has been requested/the requested function has been induced.

This data is solely used for identification after access and unauthorized accessing attempts to the web server. A statistical evaluation for the optimization of our website to meet your needs is only made after anonymization. The evaluation is only made by our staff.


2. Agreement and methods of revocation of data storage
By entering of your personal data and by accepting this data privacy statement you agree to saving and and usage of your data within the limits of this statement,.You can access the contents of your agreement (this text) at any time. Further, you have the right to receive personal information on stored data on you (name, address, …) free of charge. In that case please contact us via the e-mail address which can be found in the site notice. You have the right to revoke your agreement to storing your data at any time and also with effect on the future. You can send us a revocation in written form to the above mentioned address or via e-mail.

This website is using cookies. These are small text files that can be stored on your terminal device. Your browser has access to these files. The usability and safety of this website can be increased by the use of cookies. Common browsers offer the option to disable cookies in their settings. Please note: it can't be guaranteed that you have access to all features of this website without any restrictions by making such changes in your settings.

Handling of personal data
The host of this website gathers, uses and shares your personal data only within the limits of the law or in case you agree to the evaluation of your data.
Personal data refers to all information that can be used to identify your person and which can be traced back to you – for example your name, your e-mail address and your phone number.

Handling of contact data
If you contact the host of this website by using the offered contacting options, your information will be stored to refer to those when processing or answering your inquiry. These data won't be shared with third parties without your agreement.

User rights: information, correction and deletion
As a user you can receive on your part information free of charge what kind of personal data about you has been stored. As long as your request doesn't collide with the legally defined safe keeping (e.g. data preservation), you have the right of correction of false data and on the blockage or deletion of your personal data.

Links to other websites
This website contains links to other websites of not affiliated providers (third parties). The host of this website has no longer influence on which data the third parties gather and use by clicking these links. Further information on data collection and usage can be found in the privacy policy of the respective provider (third party). The maintainers of this website take no responsibility for the collection and usage of personal data through third parties. Websites of third parties can be recognized through a new window opening in your browser. As opposed to this, new websites as part of our range will be opened in a new tab in your browser.